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Classic Massage

The classic massage helps relax muscles muscles and improves both the blood and lymphatic circulation.


Allow yourself to enjoy a moment of wellness and relaxation with a massage using carefully selected essential oils.


Ideal for relieving muscle tension from repetitive movements, daily stresses, small domestic and sports injuries.

Fitness & Sport

Effective when used in conjunction with sport training, preparation and recovery. A massage improves muscle tone, tissue oxygenation and speeds muscle recovery. It also facilitates an improvement with performance.

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage is a gentle and soft technique to stimulate lymphatic circulation. It activates the lymphatic system in cases of malfunction (edema, inflammation due to trauma, scars and all water retention problems)

A lymphatic drainage takes about 1 hour.

Lymphatic Drainage, weapon against cellulite

In addition to removing toxins and consolidating the immune system, drainage is an excellent enhancement during periods of detoxification when also combined with a low-fat diet and regular fitness exercises.